Tcs Rural it Quiz 2023 Questions and Answers pdf Download

Tcs Rural it Quiz 2023: TCS has been associated with quizzing for over two decades, which began with TCS IT Wiz, a ‘knowledge Initiative’ which kick-started in the year 1999, one of the biggest inter-school IT quizzes in India for students of class 8 – 12.

Being a technology enabler, TCS has always been on the forefront of bringing in initiatives that help young minds in keeping up to date with the latest technological trends.

Our quizzing platforms have helped schools & students in understanding this technological revolution through interesting questions, and keeping them in touch with the growing technological developments in various fields like science, sports, engineering, and art.

Tcs Rural it Quiz 2023 Questions and Answers pdf Download

Today, the quiz has become a national benchmark in the inter-school quizzing circuit for the level of research, the intensity with which participants compete and the sheer participation numbers it draws. Tcs Rural it Quiz 2023 has received immense patronage among the student community, teachers, parents, and educational institutions and has become a part of the agenda for schools across the country.

Tcs Rural it Quiz 2023 Questions and Answers pdf Download

  • Which company did JIO develop?
  • Reliance
  • Vodafone
  • Airtel
  • Idea

Answer – Reliance

  • What is the full form of Wi-Fi?
  • Wireless Facility
  • Wireless Fadelity
  • Wireless Feedback
  • Wireless Faculty

The correct answer is “wireless fidelity.”. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, which is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN). The term “fidelity” refers to the faithfulness or accuracy of the wireless connection, indicating that Wi-Fi provides a reliable and high-quality wireless network connection. Therefore, the full form of Wi-Fi is Wireless Fidelity.

  • 3. What is a Device is Smartphone having a screen which is intermiadaite in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer
    • A.Laptop
    • B.Phablet
    • C.Tablet
    Correct Answer
    B. PhabletExplanation
    A phablet is a device that combines the features of a smartphone and a tablet. It has a screen size that is larger than a typical smartphone but smaller than a tablet computer. This term was coined to describe devices that bridge the gap between smartphones and tablets, offering a larger display for better multimedia experience while still being portable enough to be used as a phone.Rate this question:130
  • 4. It Formerly called Internet Explorer how we know it today ?
    Correct Answer
    A. EDGEExplanation
    The correct answer is EDGE. Internet Explorer was formerly called Microsoft Edge, which is how we know it today.
  • 5. This Key When Pressed, often is interpreted by software as “stop” and when sent from the computer to an external device. which key? 
    Correct Answer
    B. ESCExplanation
    When the ESC key is pressed, it is commonly interpreted by software as a command to “stop” or cancel the current operation. This key is often used to exit or close windows, dialog boxes, or menus. When sent from the computer to an external device, the ESC key can also trigger certain actions or functions depending on the device and its software.
  • 6. Identify this, this is used in email? - ProProfsIdentify this, this is used in email?
    • A.ForwardB.ReplyC.Attachment
    Correct Answer
    C. AttachmentExplanation
    Attachments are files that are added to an email message to provide additional information or documents. They can include documents, images, videos, or any other type of file that the sender wants to share with the recipient. Attachments are commonly used in email communication to send important files or documents that cannot be included in the body of the email itself. They allow users to share and exchange files easily and efficiently.
  • 7. Identify The Photo? - ProProfsIdentify The Photo?
    • A.USBB.Floppy DiskC.Chip
    Correct Answer
    B. Floppy DiskExplanation
    The correct answer is “Floppy Disk” because it is the only option that is a physical storage device that was commonly used in the past to store and transfer data. USB is a type of connector used to connect devices, and a chip is a component used in electronic devices, but neither of them represents the photo shown.
  • 8. Identify The Service? - ProProfsIdentify The Service?
    • A.Videocon D2HB.AirtelC.Tata Sky
    Correct Answer
    A. Videocon D2HExplanation
    Videocon D2H is the correct answer because it is mentioned first in the list and is the only option related to a service provider. Airtel and Tata Sky are also service providers, but they are not the correct answer as they are mentioned after Videocon D2H.
  • 9. Identify The Game? - ProProfsIdentify The Game?
    • A.Minion RushB.Candy CrushC.Pokemon GoD.Option 4
    Correct Answer
    C. Pokemon GoExplanation
    The correct answer is Pokemon Go because it is the only game mentioned in the options. Minion Rush, Candy Crush, and Option 4 are not specific games, so they cannot be the correct answer.
  • 10. Identify The Logo of Social Networking Site? - ProProfsIdentify The Logo of Social Networking Site?
    • A.PinterestB.InstagramC.Twitter
    Correct Answer
    A. PinterestExplanation
    The correct answer is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social networking site that allows users to discover and save ideas for various topics such as fashion, recipes, home decor, and more. It is known for its logo, which consists of a white letter “P” inside a red circle. This logo is widely recognized and associated with the Pinterest platform. Instagram and Twitter are also social networking sites, but they have different logos and branding.
  • 11. This Call Them “India’s Smartest Cab Service” Started By Bhavish Aggarawal And Ankit Bhati. Which Company?Correct Answer
    The correct answer is OLA. OLA is a cab service started by Bhavish Aggarawal and Ankit Bhati in India. It is considered as one of the smartest cab services in the country.
  • 12. What word coming from Sanskrit means ‘An icon or figure representing a particular person in a computer game, internet forum’?Correct Answer
    The word “avatar” comes from Sanskrit and refers to an icon or figure that represents a specific person in a computer game or internet forum. This term is commonly used in the context of virtual reality and online platforms, where users can create and customize their digital personas or avatars to interact with others.
  • 13. On an iPhone, this disables connectivity for cellular voice and data, WI-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and location- based service.What we are talking about?Correct Answer
    Airplane modeExplanation
    Airplane mode is a feature on an iPhone that disables all connectivity options, including cellular voice and data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and location-based services. This mode is typically used during flights to comply with regulations and prevent interference with aircraft systems. It allows users to use their iPhones for non-connectivity functions, such as playing games or listening to music, while still adhering to flight safety guidelines.
  • 14. What is in the hand in the photo? - ProProfsWhat is in the hand in the photo?Correct Answer
    selfie stickExplanation
    The correct answer is selfie stick. The photo likely shows someone holding a selfie stick, which is a device used to extend the reach of a smartphone or camera for taking self-portraits or group photos. It typically consists of a handle and an adjustable mount to hold the device securely. The presence of a selfie stick in the photo suggests that the person is taking a selfie or capturing a moment with the help of this device.
  • 15. Identify The Logo? - ProProfsIdentify The Logo?Correct Answer
    Copyleft is a term used to describe the practice of granting the right to freely distribute and modify a work, while also requiring that the same rights be preserved in derivative works. The logo for Copyleft typically consists of the word “Copyleft” written in a stylized font, often with a backwards “C” symbol replacing the usual copyright symbol. This logo is commonly used to indicate that a work is licensed under copyleft terms, allowing others to use, modify, and distribute it freely.
  • 16. Identify The Headquarter? - ProProfsIdentify The Headquarter?Correct Answer
    The headquarters of Snapchat is the location where the company is based and operates from.
  • 17. Identify The Logo? - ProProfsIdentify The Logo?Correct Answer
    MS paintExplanation
    The correct answer is MS Paint because the question asks to identify the logo and the given answer is the name of a well-known software program that is commonly associated with a paintbrush logo. MS Paint is a basic drawing and image editing program developed by Microsoft and has been included with Windows operating systems for many years.
  • 18. Identify The Advertisement? - ProProfsIdentify The Advertisement?Correct Answer
    The advertisement being referred to in this question is for the brand “myntra”.
  • 19. Identify The Logo? - ProProfsIdentify The Logo?Correct Answer
    sony livExplanation
    Sony Liv is a popular Indian video-on-demand service that offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, sports, and live streaming. The logo for Sony Liv is recognizable with its bold and sleek design. It features the word “Sony” in white capital letters with a red underline, followed by the word “Liv” in black lowercase letters. The combination of the red underline and black lettering creates a visually appealing and modern logo that represents the brand identity of Sony Liv.
  • 20. Identify the HeadQauter. - ProProfsIdentify the HeadQauter.Correct Answer
    The headquarters of Youtube is the location where the company’s main operations and decision-making processes take place. In this case, the correct answer is “Youtube,” indicating that the headquarter being referred to is the one belonging to the company Youtub

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